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Acknowledgment of Country

The Road takes the viewer through the ancestral lands of Australia's First Peoples. It takes us deep into the red Munga Thirri (Arunta Simpson) Desert, where we see introduced species like camels and discarded car carcasses disintegrating into the sand. The Munga Thirri Desert lives on, as do the lineage and living cultures of its original peoples, despite the rapid proliferation of modern culture and the relative intensity of their environment. Journeying through this arid country offers deeper insights into their knowledge and resilience.

The Road acknowledges the original custodians of the lands displayed in this video artwork.  

Woiworung of the Kulin Nation, Melbourne

Adnyamathanha of Ikara-Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Ngarabana (Arabana) of Oodnadatta, South Australia

Arrernte of Tjoritja (West Macdonnell) Ranges, Northern Territory

Wangkangurru and Arrernte of Munga Thirri (Arunta-Simpson) Desert, Northern Territory

Western Arrernte of the Larapinta (Finke) River Gorge, Northern Territory

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