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The Creative Team and Contact

Shez Cairney - Videographer, Photographer and Co-curator

Shez is passionate about using collaboration and innovation to create and inspire change through integrating science, culture, art, business and policy. For twenty years she has been driving solo through Australian landscapes, traversing the country north to south and east to west several times a year. Far away from people and towns, she believes the magic of nature reveals pristine clarity and wisdom which connect us more deeply with ourselves and the universe. It was an observation of her own mental process which inspired The Road. Contact Shez at Kiss the Earth website (photography-story-installation):

Trevor Almeida - Editor and Co-Curator 

Trevor Almeida is a producer, editor and filmmaker of reality films. His company Geonewmedia is a digital media company that produces doc-style video content to engage audiences and communities. They produced the award winning documentaries My Home The Block, and Secrets of The Kimberley. Since 2000 Geonewmedia has helped science organisations, companies and businesses embracing the power of video in their strategic communication, community consultation, knowledge sharing and training. Email:

Kate Follington - Narrative and Co-Curator 

Kate is a storyteller, radio and digital content producer, exhibition curator and public programming manager for cultural institutions. She collaborated previously with Sheree Cairney and Trevor Almeida as a speech writer and speaker coach with TEdx St Kilda. 

Jody Galvin and Mung Balding (The Naffs) - Music

Jody and Mung are song-writers and musicians from Melbourne, they have been writing music and involved in creative sound production for over twenty years. 

Rob McPherson (Garagee) - Music

Garagee (gar/adji(y)) is the alter-ego, musical medium and outlet of Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist, Rob McPherson, presenting concise emotive instrumentals like small vignettes to films you haven’t seen yet. The project utilises a combination of ambient electronics and post-rock stylings with field recordings, guitars, synths & acoustic world instruments. 

Garagee link

Special Thanks:

Bec Smith, Installation design.

Bec Smith is a Melbourne based performing artist, training specialist and learning designer. In her spare time, Bec loves to upcycle clothing and furniture and create virtual 3D designs.  

Fiona Webb, Drone support. 

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